Bakery Info


Cookie Sandwiches:

Cookie Sandwiches: Select a cookie of your choice (sugar, chocolate chip, M&M, etc.) to create a decadent sandwich with whipped icing in between two warm, homecooked cookies.
Cakes: All of our cakes are made with the classic bases such as yellow cake, red velvet, and chocolate to name a few. There are many different types of icing that will top off the cake, which include but are not limited to whipped icing, buttercream, and cheese icing.
Brownies: Gooey, cakey, crunchy, whatever style of brownie you enjoy we have got you covered. Be on the look out for our special batches of brownies in our daily special.
Scoons: For those who enjoy something soft and slightly salty for their breakfast, scoons are a great option for you.
Biscuits: A great choice for something quick, especially if you like bacon or sausage.
Cookies: Cookies of all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Try our award-winning butterscotch cookies and brand-new chocolate-coated sugar cookies.
--$7 per dozen
Bagels: Our sweet and savory bagels are good for any quick pick-me-up for breakfast or lunch.
Coffee: Whether it is something hot to stop the frost nipping at your nose or something cold for that coffee flavor in summer, or hand-blended coffee is something that you do not want to miss.